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Soleco Group
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Soleco Limited Board

E. Hugh Pettman
Chairman & CEO

Develop worldwide distributor network; Promote the products of the group; Generate meaningful associations and market entry opportunities; Senior Business Development Strategist, based in Singapore. Read More »

Peter Landers
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Legal Advisor

Peter was admitted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia on 14th October 1976 and granted the Degree of Fellow on 28th May 1987. Peter has been involved as an expert witness and as a forensic accountantRead More »

Tony Michell
Director: Advisor to the Chairman

After receiving his doctorate from Cambridge University in Applied Economics, Tony has been based out of Seoul, Korea working as an advisor and consultant to government agencies and corporations. Read More »

Group Senior Management

Chih (Jeffery) Zhao
China Director

After receiving degrees in Business Administration in the US and Natural Science History in China, Jeffrey has had a long and distinguished career in international finance. Read More »

Barrie Town
Director Xytech Solutions Ecologique Limited

Barrie was born and educated in the State of Michigan, USA before entering the US Army through the draft and spent some 27 years in the Light Infantry retiring in 1995 at the rank of Colonel. Read More »

Patrick Teo
Advisor Finance /Investment /IPO

Strategic and Corporate Planning. Patrick, an Industrial Engineering graduate (Australia), was a former Managing Director of Rothschild’s Merchant Bank in Singapore (1985-1992) Read More »

Mark Cohen
Chief Operating Officer

Since graduating from California State University in 1971 Mark has been building and managing businesses for himself and others with a focus on manufacturing and outsourcing in Asia. Read More »

Jacob Pettman
TECHNICAL; Sales/Marketing/Management/Advisor to boards

Jacob received Bachelors’ Degrees in Science (Chemistry) and in Engineering (Mechatronics) that he completed with Honours. He then went on to work for the performance division of Subaru Australia Read More »