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Welcome to SolEco – “Solutions Ecologique”

At “Solutions Ecologique” we apply natural remedies to situations where other methods either fail to prevent pollution, or come at a heavy cost. Our goal is to assist companies, individuals, groups and governments to restore the environment or minimise environmental impact, wherever our 21st century way of life spreads.

We deliver Natural Bio-Organic solutions for a variety of wastewater environments in many industry and domestic sectors, solving problems associated with: Sewage; Malodours; Grease, Fat and Oil Accumulation; Bio-Solids; Infrastructure Maintenance; and Effluent Environmental Issues.

We provide technology for the extraction of drinking water from wastewater and salt water; whilst providing Transportable Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plants for use in remote areas or where an ‘instant’ solution is required.

Our team of scientists and engineers are working on additional natural product and service developments that will further improve our environment and make our world a cleaner and healthier place in which to live.